LEE BACH - 50 Jahre Folk- und Protestsongs
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LEE BACH - Plakat Lee Bach was born in Cuxhaven (Germany) in 1947 to a French mother and a German father.
In 1960 she found an old lute (in a pile of scrap) on which she started playing until moving on to ukulele, banjo and, finally, 12-string guitar.

She came in contact with skiffle music, blues and gospel in 1960 and gave her first stage performance at a festival in 1962 accompanied by a washboard player. In that same year she joined Frenchman 'Aguigui-Mouna' and his group of pacifists in campaigns of non-violent resistance in France against nuclear weapons testing.

From 1965 on she took part in the Easter peace marches in Germany. Also in 1965 she co-founded Germany's first folk club in 'Danny's Pan' in Hamburg to which she kept contributing until 1969. During this time she was active with folk music, protest songs, chansons and busking all over Europe.

dotdot_transIn India in 1968 she encountered Vinoba Bhave (the successor of Mahatma Gandhi) who's life made a lasting impression on her.
From 1970 onwards she and her British husband and their recently born son lived in Nepal, India, England, Ireland and Germany.

Taking up music professionally in 1977, Lee gave many concerts and performances at clubs, youth centres, churches, prisons and festivals (among which was the one against Ireland's intended first nuclear power station).

In the early 80s she began working in her other profession of child-care. Since 1993 she has also been a Yoga teacher which gradually became her main occupation. Alongside she kept performing music in support of the Green and the peace movement, the unions and refugee relief.

In 1986 she came in touch with the Community of the Ark (founded in France by Lanza del Vasto after ideas of Gandhi) and associated groups in Germany. Throughout the 80s and the 90s she kept taking part in non-violent protests against nuclear weapons, the US military European Command (EUCOM) in Stuttgart and against the nuclear arsenal in Bellersdorf, Germany (which was decommissioned in 1992). Since 1997 she's been similarly involved in protests against the nuclear weapons facility in Büchel, Germany.

dotdot_transAt the age of 68, Lee Bach is looking back on an eventful life during which her non-commercial music has always given strong support to her commitment.
Buch - Wie ein Vogel frei

dotdot_transIn her book
"Wie ein Vogel frei"

- eine nachdenklich musikalische Lebensreise -
she recounts her time, her experiences and her encounters with remarkable people.

Cover CDs Songs of life


LEE BACH Songs of life

dotdot_transFurthermore she is in the process of releasing a collection of her song repertoire on 4 double CDs.